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Carpet Cleaning in SW17 Tooting

Nice and Clean London is offering tailor-made carpet cleaning services in Tooting. Whether you need a deep carpet care or just a carpet refreshment our Tooting cleaners are always ready to assist you.

Why don’t you take a look at your carpet - it used to be fresh and clean before, wasn't it? Thank God it can’t talk.. May be you’ll see only the most evident stains. That’s not all, my friends. There is so much dirt embedded in its fabric, that you’ll be really surprised. The unpleasant smells are also distinctive for your carpet if it hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned. No matter how careful you are, sometimes you can’t avoid the spots. Vacuum cleaning is only a superficial method. But once in awhile you must perform a deep carpet cleaning, done by professionals who operate with special machines.


And finally it’s our turn-Nice and Clean London - the best choice for your stained carpet! Yes, here in SW17 Tooting. According to the material, our expert cleaners use two different techniques:

  • Steam cleaning - this hot water extraction method is applied on regular fabrics like synthetics (manufactured fabrics). Hot water and special detergent are injected in the fabric and immediately vacuumed back, extracting the dirt, loosened by the solution. The fabric dries up in a couple of hours. Thanks to this reliable method, no chance for bacteria and pollens to survive! Steam cleaning is the best way for cleaning carpets so “say goodbye” to the dirt and the stains! They have no place in your home, not even in Tooting.
  • Dry cleaning is an appropriate method for those fabrics that might be damaged by water. See, we’ve predicted it all! If you possess carpets from delicate fabrics or natural plant fibres, such as jute, sisal, sea grass, this cleaning technique is tailored to your needs. Look how the professionals act: first, a biodegradable, absorbent cleaning compound is spread evenly over the carpet. When dirt and grime are attracted to the compound, then everything together is vacuumed off. The carpet is usable right away. People in all the SW17 area will appreciate the fascinating results, what about you?

So no matter what your carpet material is, Nice and Clean London will offer you the right service. It’s obvious that you can’t perform that kind of deep cleaning by yourself. So, leave us alone with the dirty carpet and you’ll get an amazing result. It’ll look like you’ve just bought a fresh new carpet. Your visitors will ask you where in SW17 Tooting is this shop for carpets. And that’s not all! The price will shock you, because it’s really affordable and quite competitive. Make sure by yourself by visiting our prices page.

Your stained carpet dreams of that fateful phone call on 020 3670 2141. Just thrust us and your extremely clean carpet will return the favor by serving you a very long time.

P.S. Interesting and useful! A stain protection solution exists and it’s commonly known as Scotchgard. Find out more about that here!


Steam Cleaning

Bedroom £25.00
Living/dining room £30.00
Through lounge £45.00
Flight of stairs £25.00
A small rug/carpet £15.00
A large rug/carpet £27.00

Dry Cleaning

Bedroom £40.00
Living/dining room £48.00
Through lounge £73.00
Flight of stairs £40.00
A small rug/carpet £25.00
A large rug/carpet £43.00

* Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

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