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Carpet Cleaning in SW3, SW10 Chelsea

Professional Chelsea carpet cleaning services combining both steam and dry carpet cleaning treatment is what Nice and Clean London provides to all its clients. Our local carpet cleaners in Chelsea will ensure that you will get all in one carpet cleaning solution fully matching your needs and requirements and last but not the least not ruining your budget.

If you claim to be a perfect housekeeper and there's still something wrong in your home in SW3, SW10 Chelsea, we know the answer! It's definitely your carpet! Take a good look around – everything may be neat and fresh, but bad odour and dust are still coming out from somewhere. We guarantee – your carpet needs to be fully disinfected. And please don't try to vacuum it harder or to apply some unknown products on it. Leave this dirty business to the professionals. Our company – Nice and Clean London – offers you professional carpet cleaning service available for the entire SW3, SW10 area! Comprehensive sanitising and deep sterilising are now available for all kinds of carpets and for all kinds of bad stains!

Grab your phone, dial 020 3670 2141 and understand how easy and clean your lifestyle can be!

Trust our experts, they will give a new life to your carpet!


Our reliable carpet cleaning in Chelsea is specially tailored to revive and to improve the condition of your rugs! Fabrics are not only disinfected, but also – refreshed and brought back to life with a new brilliance and even brighter colours! Forget about your plans to buy new items for your floors and high traffic areas. Our specialists come and act quickly – and your carpets are safely and speedily renewed. Your fabrics need deep sterilising and riskless washing.

Contact us on 020 3670 2141 or don't hesitate to get a free quote or to send us an email with your questions. If you prefer, use the online chat to talk to our supervisors for reservations or additional information!

Modern approach into carpet sanitising gives amazing final results

There are 2 options for carpet restoration. They are entirely complied with the type of the material. Read more:

  • Steam carpet cleaning – book it for your manufactured or synthetic carpet. The method is known as hot water extraction system, which is applicable for the worst stains and the most spoilt items. A combination of high temperature water and non-toxic product are injected into the fibres and then immediately vacuumed back. Thus, the dirtiness, which is deeply inside the rug, is easily taken out. It takes approximately 3 hours for drying up, but you will be provided with some special "walking tools" for the damp period.
  • Dry carpet cleaning – select it, if you carpet is too delicate, decorative, 100% natural, hand-knitted, antique or water-sensitive. The method works with no water (or with a very small amount of it). The secret in the thorough sanitising hides in the detergent. Having biodegradable compounds, it easily loosens the grime and bacteria, which are quickly attracted. The new mixture is vacuumed right away. With our dry carpet cleaning service in Chelsea you receive your carpet ready for usage instantly, with no need to wait for drying!

Carpet cleaning ChelseaChoose the technique you need or let our experts define it! Arrange an appointment for effective carpet treatment in the SW3, SW10 district! Do more for your domestic area and make it healthy and lovely enough for being your real sweet home! Prices are attractive and cheap, so leave any doubts!

Give us a quick phone call on 020 3670 2141!

As you can see, the service may go in a combination with the exclusive end of tenancy cleaning offer by rewarding you with 50% discount!


Steam Cleaning

Bedroom £25.00
Living/dining room £30.00
Through lounge £45.00
Flight of stairs £25.00
A small rug/carpet £15.00
A large rug/carpet £27.00

Dry Cleaning

Bedroom £40.00
Living/dining room £48.00
Through lounge £73.00
Flight of stairs £40.00
A small rug/carpet £25.00
A large rug/carpet £43.00

* Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

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