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Curtain Cleaning | Mattress Cleaning

Many people tend to neglect the thorough sanitising of their curtains. In fact, they accumulate airborne dust and give shelter to dust mites as the smoke, dead skin particles and odours make them a perfect habitat. Keeping your curtains free of dust mites is vital as some serious health problems may be developed including dermatitis, asthma, eczema and dry cough. There are a lot of factors that can soil your curtains – your heating system, presence of smokers in the house, oily atmospheric soil, etc. However, performing such procedure may be challenging as curtains are very difficult to sanitise. Nice and Clean London has easier solution for you! Our convenient curtains cleaning services will save you time, efforts and money in the long run - professional cleaning can triple the life of your drapes which compared to the replacement costs is relatively inexpensive. Our distinguished cleaning company in London guarantees impeccable results – there are no risks of damage or shrinkage for your curtains.

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Steam and Dry Curtain Cleaning for better results

Curtains cleaning

Using two different methods, our curtain and drapery cleaning services are done on site and will clean, sanitise and deodorise to utmost quality. Any trace of mould, dust, mildew and stains will be easily removed in a safe method that our cleaners will choose in accordance with the material of the fabric. We will also make sure that there is no colour loss or shrinkage in your drapes! Learn more details about our convenient and very efficient London curtain cleaning methods:

  • Curtain steam cleaning - this procedure will leave your drapes deeply sanitised and refreshed. Using modern machinery, our expert London curtain cleaners inject a solution of hot water and biodegradable, non-hazardous detergent into the fabric. Dirt, grimes and bacteria are immediately extracted because of the incredible sanitising properties of the cleaning product that loosens filth. After few hours your drapes will be completely dry.
  • Curtain dry cleaning - delicate curtains should be treated with a gentle approach so no damage is caused. In this case, our cleaning professionals rely on special absorbent detergent, which interacts with dirt and a harmless chemical reaction is provoked. Bacteria, dust mites and grime will be extracted and your drapes will be left fresh and neat. There's no risk of loosening or residual moisture, that may cause mould or structural damage.
  • Scotchgard Protector - this innovative solution will help you extend the impeccable condition of your deeply sanitised curtains for longer. It's an invisible protective layer that repels the spilled liquids and don't let them form stains.

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Mattress Cleaning

Expert Mattress Cleaning for health and sound sleep

Keeping our mattresses clean and hygienic is really important as we spend about one third of our time on the bed. In fact, your mattress is one of the dirtiest places at your house - it accumulates dust and grimes and this makes it the perfect habitat for dust mites. The most reasonable solution to this problem is to rely on Nice and Clean London – booking our convenient mattress cleaning service will guarantee you a sound sleep and a germ-free mattress. Our competent cleaning professionals will deeply sanitise using steam cleaning method.

  • Mattresses are humid, warm and collect large amounts of dead skin flakes that inevitably shed every night when we sleep. Dust mites are related to some severe allergies but most of the people are unaware of their presence – mattresses are usually nicely covered in bed linen and neglecting the throughout sanitising session is a common scenario. Our cleaning professionals will eliminate dirt, dust mites and bacteria using the power of steam!
  • Mattress CleanersOur team of cleaning experts consists of highly-motivated and skillful people that don't make compromises with the quality of the London mattress cleaning services we provide. Our budget-friendly price policy proves that professional cleaning doesn't have to come with a steep price – our rates are affordable and competitive!

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Steam Cleaning

A pair of short curtains £20.00
A pair of long curtains £25.00

Minimum charge applies.

Dry Cleaning

A pair of short curtains £50.00
A pair of long curtains £60.00

Minimum charge applies.

Mattress Cleaning

Steam Cleaning £20.00

Those prices are approximate and may vary depending on the actual size, fabric and the condition of the curtains. Those are final prices and no more taxes will be added on top them. Minimum charges apply.

Learn how our expert employees will conduct efficient leather cleaning in your sweet home!

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