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Get our end of tenancy cleaning in London!

End of tenancy cleaning pricesDear future ex-tenants, do you want to hear a true story? One day the end of your lease agreement comes and you have quite a little time to accomplish the thorough London end of tenancy cleaning procedure. You're stressed, you have so many things to do, so many details to arrange, that you just don't know from where to start. Do you want an expert piece of advice? Just plan the deep London end of tenancy cleaning in advance and everything will be fine.

Moreover - except providing enough time for performance of the comprehensive London end of tenancy cleaning session, it's better to entrust this important mission to someone reliable and professional. Here in London and Greater London, there are no better experts than Nice and Clean London company.

Contact our polite assistants on 020 3026 6227 and schedule an appointment for our professional London end of tenancy cleaning service! Final results are guaranteed to be wonderful!

Meet our certified London tenancy cleaners now!

You know your landlord will be more than serious and demanding during the final inspection, right? Then, play it safe in this so crucial moment of your life. Now, it's time to show yourself responsible and loyal lessee. Get yourself our convenient London end of tenancy cleaning service, guaranteed within 48 hours. What does it mean? It's very simple - if your landlord has some black marks, just call us within 48 hours and our trained experts will come back to repeat the necessary household chores. Don't worry for your rental deposit, because if you trust us, you will receive your money back - there's no second variant. Learn more about the distinctive features of our reliable and flexible London end of tenancy cleaning service and make a wise choice:

  • Impeccable kitchen - don't worry about all those greasy stains on the kitchen appliances and on the cupboards. Trust our skillful London end of tenancy cleaners and your kitchen will be sanitised from top to bottom. Worktops will be polished; all the dirty cutlery will be washed and polished to brilliance. No more cobwebs, no more filth on the floor - only sparkling clean surfaces.
  • Fresh and disinfected bathrooms - comprehensive disinfection will be accomplished in the bathroom and toilet premises. There will be no mould and limescale. Tiles, sinks, floors will be sanitised by our insured and vetted London end of tenancy cleaners.
  • Hallways and Entrance ways - fixtures, framework, ledges and sills will be gently wiped by our expert London tenancy cleaners. Hoovering carpets and rugs, mopping floors, polishing mirrors - all the necessary housekeeping tasks are included in our convenient London tenancy cleaning services.
  • Any other room - our friendly London end of tenancy cleaners will wipe your windows from the inside; your upholstery will be refreshed; dust and clutter will be eliminated; good aeration of the rooms is also delivered by our experienced London tenancy cleaning company.

What do you think? It's much better to save your precious time for more important tasks, correct? Don't hesitate, but rely on our London end of tenancy cleaning specialists! Get your tenancy deposit back and arrange everything needed for your removal. Leave all the tedious scrubbing, wiping and mopping to our diligent London end of tenancy cleaners!

Get yourself a free quote by calling us on 020 3026 6227! Relax, your smooth removal is 100% guaranteed!

End of Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning* Prices:

  • Studio flat with carpets from £119.00
  • One bedroom flat with carpets from £173.00
  • Two bedroom flat with carpets from £199.00
  • Two bedroom house with carpets from £219.00
  • Three bedroom flat with carpets from £233.00
  • Three bedroom house with carpets from £309.00
  • Four bedroom house with carpets from £349.00
  • Five bedroom house with carpets from £379.00

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices:

  • Studio flat from £99.00
  • One bedroom flat from £129.00
  • Two bedroom flat from £153.00
  • Two bedroom house from £173.00
  • Three bedroom flat from £179.00
  • Three bedroom house from £229.00
  • Four bedroom house from £259.00
  • Five bedroom house from £279.00

* please note when you book End of Tenancy together with Hot Steam Carpet cleaning, you get 50% off the regular carpet cleaning price.

Learn how our trained and vetted cleaners will deliver professional carpet cleaning in your sweet home!

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Products, used in our professional end of tenancy cleaning

Neutra-Soft 5L

Neutra-Soft 5L - £10.75

This exclusive all-in-one carpet extraction cleanser is also urine neutraliser, efficient deodoriser and rinse agent. It`s specially developed for the health care market. The product is represented by pale green liquid with refreshing lemon & lime fragrance.

More information in PDF format.

Clensan 5L

Clensan 5L - £19.95

This specially formulated cleanser for carpets and fabrics protects from microbes and bad odours, caused by floods and food spoilage. It must be diluted with water and applied by sprayer before rinsing. It looks like clear liquid with nice, herbal lemon aroma. Approved to EN1276.

More information in PDF format.

Microsan 5L

Microsan 5L - £19.5

This anti-bacterial, multi-surface sanitiser and cleanser is super efficient against microbes including MRSA and viruses comprising Hepatitis B and HIV. The product is also available in 1 litre ready-to-use spray bottle. Approved to EN1276. This liquid is clear, with pleasant apple blossom scent.

More information in PDF format.


  • "Your team worked very hard until almost 8pm due to late start. Much appreciated." - Caroline
  • "The two men you sent yesterday were the best cleaners we have ever experienced anywhere. They did a fabulous job." - Fergus
  • "I was let down by another agency and had to arrange a last minute booking which you organised and really helped me out! The cleaning was excellent." - Tom
  • "I couldn't have asked for a more professional cleaning team. Thank you. You've done a great job!" - Susane