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Hard Floor Polishing London
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Hard Floor Polishing

Wooden and natural stone floors are popular flooring solutions as they are functional and relatively easy to maintain. They are a big investment and the regular cleaning as well as refreshing procedures are essential in order to preserve the good looks for the years to come. In this line of thought performing hard floor polishing is a necessity. It is a demanding procedure that requires the appropriate knowledge and machinery. Relying on professional technician is recommended – performing the task by yourself doesn't guarantee you a satisfying outcome and you can easily damage your flooring. Nice and Clean London is a distinguished company with many years of experience in the field. Scratches and stubborn stains are impossible to be removed without professional assistance. The methods and techniques our London hard floor polishing professionals use result not only in visible effect and polished finish but also in elongating the lifespan of your splendid flooring.

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Hard Floor Polishing for every floor and property

Floor sanding

Reviving your current flooring is much more cost-effective than installing a new one. Keeping your floors free of spills, stains and scratches can`t be easily achieved as everyday wear and tear inevitably happen over time. However, having your floor professionally polished will definitely bring back its marvelous looks! In order to make a well-informed decision, get acquainted with our hard floor polishing services. Read on and see what you will get if you rely on Nice and Clean London:

  • Our team of professionals includes hard floor technicians that have undergone a training and have the right knowledge to perform the procedure. They use first class Klindex machinery – our equipment is armed with diamond pads that gently polish the surface.
  • Our technicians use proven methods and techniques to achieve flawless results – customer satisfaction matters greatly to us. We use eco-friendly detergents and high-quality equipment that combined eliminate dust, dirt and other contaminants. Our experts apply different techniques in accordance with the current condition of your flooring. For instance, grinding is like scraping away the top layer in order to reveal the lower fresh coat and buffing may be compared to smoothing the roughness.
  • Our convenient London hard floor polishing is applied on all types of hard floor - wood, concrete, granite, tile, marble, terracotta, vinyl, etc. You are guaranteed that issues such as soil, scratches and lack of shine will be gone after our skillful technicians perform a hard floor polishing session in your home.

Floor polishing

Elegant and stylish hard floor is an investment you should take care of. Preserve the great looks of your flooring for longer – rely on our reputed hard floor polishing company in London. Our rates are competitive and you are guarantees you will get the best service worth of your money!

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Hard Floor Polishing

Depending on the floor condition, the prices vary from 5 to 15£ per sqm. Please note, minimum charge applies on each order.

If your lease contract is about to end, find out more details about our professional End of Tenancy Cleaning session, because you will soon need it!

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