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Office Cleaning in SW5, SW7, SW10 Earls Court

Everyone likes working in a neat and tidy environment. Efficiency at your workplace depends on many factors. One of them is definitely the cleanliness of the office. A well-organized and tidy office not only ameliorates the productivity, but keeps the workers healthy. Don’t forget that manpower is an extremely important asset in every company! Healthy people are motivated and efficient They don’t get sick, they work hard, they do appreciate the flawless appearance of the office. Nowadays it’s crucial to be able to rely on your staff. After all, you chose these workers for their potential among many others in Earls Court. That’s why you have to care about your personnel and treat it with respect.

In order to assure impeccable working conditions, you can trust us. Here we are-Nice and Clean London! Let’s talk like one professional to another! Using our specialized office cleaning services is the best you can do for your employees. That reasonable investment will turn out to be much more profitable than you suggest. Call us now on 020 3670 2141 and get yourself a clean and tidy office, here in SW5, SW7, SW10 Earls Court. The results are proven - better concentration, healthier working environment and happy colleagues. Put a smile on your employees’ faces, they deserve it! Be a step ahead from your business rivals!

Office cleaningMoreover, you are completely aware of the price and the fragility of the office equipment. Insure yourself by using our professional cleaning service and you’ll get amazing results! Don’t forget that not only your workers, but also your clients will be impressed by your new modern image. Our cleaning agents will be happy to “polish your rating”. Blind the competition by sending us your request right now! Forget about the dusty surfaces and the unpleasant smell from the overstuffed trash bins! You’ll receive all that and even more:

  • floor mopping and carpet hoovering
  • wiping, polishing and sanitizing of all surfaces, including office appliances and lavatory ware
  • replenishing bathroom supplies, if requested
  • dusting / damping furniture, window ledges, paintwork, pictures
  • cleaning inside of the microwave
  • wiping outside of the cupboards

Are you still waiting? Nice and Clean London will perform the ritual of success for you. Just invite us in your office and you’ll be amazed! We cover all the SW5, SW7, SW10 area. Get a free quote or on 020 3670 2141 now!


Office cleaning

We provide our regular cleaning service on daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

  • £10.5 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on weekly basis. Minimum two hours of cleaning.
  • £12 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on fortnightly basis. Minimum two hours of cleaning.
  • £14 per cleaner per hour with our cleaning detergents on regular basis. Minimum two hours of cleaning on weekly basis and minimum three hours of cleaning on fortnightly basis.

Other cleaning services we offer in this area:

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