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One Off Cleaning in NW3 Hampstead

Every single person in Hampstead desires beautiful, neat and splendid living environment. However, just few of us succeed in creating it in their own homes. Usually, the failure is due to ordinary reasons and the most common one is the way of domestic sanitising. Somehow, people today believe that ordinary daily cleaning routine and weekly purge are enough for a warm and welcoming atmosphere! This isn't actually the whole truth! A really nice and snug domestic area needs some deeper and more thorough approach into hygiene preservation and comfortableness!


Yes, most of people underestimate the need of one off cleaning too often! Nice and Clean London now reminds it to you with an exclusive offer – professional one off cleaning service. It is available for all Hampstead and the entire NW3 area!

Do you want to learn more? Contact us on 020 3670 2141 and get a free quote! Find out what our cleaners can do, if you need seasonal house refreshment or how quickly they are in removing the dirtiness after renovations, repairs or parties! Last, but not least – take the advantage of our reliable and reputable service to impress your guests, when you’re a host of a party on special occasion!

Instead of new decoration, get your house renewed through comprehensive sanitising!

One off cleaning in Hampstead isn't about tidying up and reducing general mess at home! This convenient service is devoted to eliminate the grime and bacteria from your home and to bring your kids the opportunity to grow up in a fresh and healthy surrounding. Your pets will be also happy, when we kill the germs and get rid of their own hairs and dirtiness! With our reliable one off disinfecting in the NW3 district, you will believe in happiness and beauty again and your family life will improve.

Keep in mind that purity and neatness are significant components for a convenient and cozy home! And your house will be as clean as a whistle – you just need to trust us and to manage the service according to your own needs and specific instructions! It is easy and affordable. Read about the features of our thorough sterilising:

  • Point the rooms that should be deeply and comprehensively sanitised or book the comprehensive tidying up for the entire house!
  • Decide whether to pay a small fee and have your home sterilised with modern, non-toxic and super efficient detergents or you will provide your cleaning products! We can also support you with contemporary equipment. Schedule your appointment for a holiday or the weekend – it’s not a problem for us! Our supervisors and cleaners work 24 hours a day and they can even visit you in advance in order to determine the level of contamination and the techniques needed!
  • List your own requirements or rely on our general checklist! It comprises floor vacuuming, bathroom and kitchen descaling, degreasing of the cooking and dining area, efficient furniture and upholstery refreshment, washing, wiping and airing.

Hurry up and put a fresh new start in your life!

One off cleaning HampsteadRely on our convenient and reliable assistance in Hampstead and you will experience magical moments in your completely refreshed and sanitised living area! You need domestic snugness and comfort, we know that very well. Our flexible company is ready to provide them to you at cheap and competitive rates. When you see the magnificent final results you will thank us, that’s for sure. Maybe you won’t believe your eyes at first, but relax - it’s your own lovely home!

Just dial 020 3670 2141 and arrange your thorough one off cleaning in Hampstead!

If you also look for a constant assistance in home maintenance, check out the regular domestic cleaning offer, too!


Regular Cleaning

  • prices from £15.00 per hour.


  • prices from £15.00 per hour.

Office cleaning

  • prices from £15.00 per hour.

One off cleaning

  • £16.00 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning equipment and detergents. Minimum four hours of cleaning.
  • £18.00 per cleaner per hour with our cleaning equipment and detergents. Minimum six hours of cleaning.

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