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One Off Cleaning in W2, W9 Paddington

Some people in W2, W9 Paddington are gratified with a decent, neat and averagely tidied home place. They do the daily routines prudently and they are glad to have everything put on its proper place. However, other people demand much more! They want perfection in domestic hygiene and they desire a truly convenient and pleasant area to live in! These people usually put a lot of efforts in home renovations and home refreshment procedures.

Nice and Clean London has something really attractive for them – the deep one off cleaning in Paddington. This reliable service fully matches to customers' expectations. Ideal disinfection is achieved and comprehensive purge is done! This is what one off sanitising service is about!

Call us on 020 3670 2141 and reserve it! If you want more, we will give it to you in a double dose!

Thorough one off cleaning - suitable for any situation and flexible for any schedule


Our convenient comprehensive disinfecting is available now for the entire W2, W9 area. It is devoted to the maximum of deep, thorough and sophisticated home hygiene restoration. Our reliable service is specially tailored for any case. You can order it for seasonal refreshment and preparation for the new period of the year. You can also book the service in case a big occasion in your house will be celebrated – we clean before and after the party! We also recommend the one off sanitising service in Paddington for large purge after home repairs or redecorations. In all situations clients receive full custom support and overall house sterilising:

  • Tidying up, dusting and airing the premises
  • Washing and wiping windows from the inside; mopping stairs and floors; polishing furniture and worktops
  • Modern techniques – steam and dry cleaning – are applied, if it is necessary (mattresses, curtains, upholstery and carpets)
  • Top qualitative detergents with no harmful compounds are used for stain removal, bacteria and grime elimination.
  • More than ordinary tidying up, but also polishing and fixing the brilliant appearance of home items (including decors)

You can easily arrange our thorough sanitising according to your individual needs and requirements. Order a full house disinfecting or point only particular rooms for disinfection and tidying up. Adjust the duration of the service – the minimum is 4 hours, but we recommend a longer visitation for large houses and modern flats with 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Our cleaners are the strongest players in home purge!

One off cleaning PaddingtonOur professionals have unconditional motivation to make wonders with your house. During the thorough one off cleaning in Paddington we use only tested sanitising solutions and we do it fast! You can provide your own equipment and products, but we offer our specialised machines and cleansers too. Pay a small fee and have your house fully washed and scrubbed with the best detergents and machinery!

Don't hesitate, but reach us on 020 3670 2141! Our flexible service is cheap to be afforded and quick to be performed.

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Office cleaning

We provide our regular cleaning service on daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis.

  • £10.5 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on weekly basis. Minimum two hours of cleaning.
  • £12 per cleaner per hour with your cleaning detergents on fortnightly basis. Minimum two hours of cleaning.
  • £14 per cleaner per hour with our cleaning detergents on regular basis. Minimum two hours of cleaning on weekly basis and minimum three hours of cleaning on fortnightly basis.

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