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School Cleaning London provides children impeccable school facilities

High-standard London school cleaning is not a privilege, it's a must for every single school. Is it necessary to mention, that this deep sanitising procedure - London school cleaning - requires professional approach. Let us present to you our affordable and high-quality London school cleaning service. If you're concerned and responsible principal, who wants to take a good care of his students, you will take into consideration our offer. Our experienced company House Cleaning London provides a wide range of disinfecting packages. One of them is exactly what you need for your wonderful school - reliable London school cleaning service.

Keep in mind, that our London school cleaning service is provided only by certified and well-trained employees, who achieve magnificent results. You know that school buildings are densely populated with kids and adults. The fact, that so many people are gathered at one place, means that hygiene maintenance must be at very good level. Otherwise, there is a risk of spreading disease. Trust our London school cleaning company and ensure your pupils flawless school facilities and studying environment.

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Rely on our professional London school cleaners and you will get specially prepared deep cleaning program. This is definitely the best choice, concerning your school hygiene. It comprises not only all the sanitising tasks, that should be accomplished, but also safety requirements in order to prevent potential health danger.

Learn more details about the London school cleaning procedures that our specialists will perform in your school:

School cleaning London

Classrooms and corridors

  • Scrubbing, polishing and disinfecting all surfaces
  • Emptying the rubbish bins
  • Wiping finger marks, spills, spots and windowsills
  • Mopping dirty floors and hoovering, including under the desks and the school chairs
  • Thorough dusting door frames and window ledges
  • Gentle floor polishing - if necessary

High-risk areas

  • Bathrooms and toilets - the lavatory ware will be comprehensively disinfected (all sinks, urinals and basins will be deeply sanitised by our expert London school cleaners); the trash bins will be emptied; the bathroom supplies will be replenished (if requested); the floors and the tiles will be carefully wiped.
  • Athletic areas - the locker rooms will be thoroughly sanitised; the floors will be mopped; the premises will be aerated.
  • Kitchen, cafeteria, canteen - scrubbing inside the microwave; wiping the washing machine and the fridge; disinfecting the sink and doing the dirty dishes; wiping the cupboards from the outside

Take advantage of our professional London school cleaning service without any hesitations! When it comes to students' and teachers' health and safety, compromises are not allowed. The impeccable school ambience is mandatory, because at such highly populated areas, bacteria are easily spread. In addition to the health and safety problems, the flawless studying and working conditions are main factors for the great productivity and good concentration.

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