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Upholstery Cleaning
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Upholstery Cleaning in SW5, SW7, SW10 Earls Court

Your furniture looks much older than it actually is. That keeps you really unsatisfied and you already worry how to put some money aside in order to buy a new sofa, a new armchair, and new dining chairs. Wait a second! There’s a better solution: professional upholstery cleaning. Where? Here in Earls Court, at Nice and Clean London, of course! Why choosing us? Because our cleaning team comes to your place and that saves you from moving the furniture out of your home. Moreover, the experts use the most advanced steam-heat extraction technology which leads a merciless fight against the stubborn dirt. The stunning results are guaranteed!

Cleanest upholstery ever!Is your upholstery made of delicate materials like velvet or suede? Nice and Clean London have already predicted that too. In this case the cleaning agents use another method: dry cleaning. It protects the furniture from the residual moisture. No dust and dirt will rest in peace on your upholstery. And the biggest surprise is that you’ll forget about buying new furniture, because your old one will look like brand new. Oh, here is your smile again! Call us on 020 3670 2141, we cover Earls Court and the whole SW5, SW7, SW10 district. Try this tempting service, it’s worth it! Get yourself a really good looking upholstery! Mattresses, curtains, footstools, everything will be carefully cleaned. And here is the cherry of the pie : a completely affordable price. Who else wants to invest less and to receive more?

Sit on your lovely couch and relax! Now, after our professional work, the feeling is really different, isn't it? You’re surrounded by fresh fragrance and soft fabric. Isn’t it great that you saved money too? It’s so easy when you rely on us, we’ve proved it so many times. Don’t lose your time on calculating the budget for the new furniture, you don’t need it. Nice and Clean London will make an incredible transformation of your old one. Get yourself a free quote on 020 3670 2141! May be we are just next door, here in SW5, SW7, SW10 Earls Court. Our formula works!

Finally, there is a little secret that can be applied after the professional upholstery cleaning. It’s called Scotchgard. Find out more here.


Steam Cleaning

A two-seater sofa £25.00
A three-seater sofa £39.00

Dry Cleaning

A two-seater sofa £65.00
A three-seater sofa £95.00

Those prices are approximate and may vary depending on the actual size, fabric and the condition of the upholstery. Those are final prices and no more taxes will be added on top them. Minimum charges apply.

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