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Window Cleaning in SW15 Putney

Maintaining a spotless image in the public eye goes hand in hand with maintaining clean windows. Clean windows are always important. Business owners or homeowners have to know that clean windows make a big difference in the way you see the world. Nice and Clean London performs external window cleaning in Putney for many years, using the latest cleaning technology.

Our service ensures:

  • Spotlessly clean, shiny windows
  • Safe procedure, performed from the ground
  • No disrupting, no privacy intrusion
  • Pure water for streak-free finish
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning

Using Reach and Wash water-fed pole system, working from the ground, we clean any window up to the 6th floor without invading your privacy. With this modern system we are now able to clean previously unreachable windows, conservatories or skylights. Window cleaning with the telescopic pole is easy, fast, efficient and safe.

Look outside with better view! Request our reliable window cleaning in Putney on 020 3670 2141!

Let's see why Reach and Wash System is so efficient. This advanced technology uses 100% pure water to clean without white streaks. Pure water strives to get dirty again, it couldn't stay for long in its pure state. When applied to a window, it attracts and absorbs dirt outright, without the need of any detergent. The dirty water is rinsed with another jet of pure water and your windows, sills and frames are left perfectly clean.

Window cleaning PutneyOur professional window cleaning service can cover all your cleaning needs, be it a one off clean-up after a renovation, seasonal demand of residential homeowner or weekly need of a business. Well cleaned windows could be an important aspect in the presentation of your company or in the atmosphere of your home in Putney. We can take care of both, without disrupting your busy schedule.

Reach and Wash system has totally revolutionized window cleaning, turning it from man with a dirty cloth and unstable ladder into professional, high-tech industry. In addition to being very effective, the window cleaning service is absolutely eco-friendly. Now you have the confidence that when we clean your windows, the environment is not being polluted in any way. Clear the scene before your eyes with our outside window cleaning!


Window Cleaning

  • £7.00 from the out side or at a rate of £10.00 from both - in and out side. Minimum charge of £49.00 applies.

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

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