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Window Cleaning PricesDomestic cleaning has so many aspects and it seems like the household chores never come to an end. Hoovering, dusting, sanitising, there is always something more to be done. As a conscientious housekeeper, maybe you regularly perform the essential cleaning procedures. But don’t you forget something? The windows, of course. They represent a time consuming and a hard cleaning task - a higher level of difficulty - no matter how persistent you are. Many people undertake dangerous actions in order to accomplish the challenging mission. But isn’t it too unreasonable to risk your health and safety? Different shapes and hard to reach areas - your windows may really angry even the most patient person.

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Then, how to solve this problem the best possible way? Why don’t you make an omelette, without breaking the eggs? In your case - you can enjoy flawlessly clean windows without risk of climbing high ladders and putting many efforts in scrubbing. How? By relying on us - Nice and Clean London. Call us on 020 3026 6227 anytime and request our convenient service: professional window cleaning. Don’t imagine a man with a ladder and a bucket, full of soapy water. Like so many other industries, this one has also moved on. In our company, we rely on the latest technology in order to provide a high quality service. How do we act?

  • Our experts use a special water fed pole system, allowing working from the safety of the ground. It’s called Pro 6 and it performs the exterior window cleaning. The machinery has a telescopic pole, reaching up to 65 ft or about 6 floors height. This method is completely risk-free for the cleaner, be sure about that.
  • The water in the machine is purified, softened and de-ionized on several stages. Thus it gains the ability to absorb dirt. In order to avoid sticky soap residues that re-attract dust, our professionals don’t use any detergents. They work with a soft-bristled brush which scrubs the stains, while jets of the purified water rinse the window.
  • Our Reach & Wash System assures incredible results, no matter if it’s a private home, classy office or a modern shop. No compromises, a spotless finish!
  • The inside cleaning is done by hand and the outcome is also excellent. The ledges and the frameworks won’t be missed neither.

Don’t put up with the hazy view from your windows! Make them crystal clear by trusting us. Think about the sunlight that enters in your home and returns it in an inviting and healthy living place! Get yourself a quote on 020 3026 6227! Our friendly Customer Care Representatives will be happy to assist you with any kind of information concerning our reliable service. Enjoy the beautiful view outside - sunshine, inspiration and meditation - they are always welcome.

Is your floor scratched and discolored? Hard floor polishing, performed by our trained cleaners, is the best choice.

Window Cleaning Prices:

  • Outside Window Cleaning - £7 per standard size double window. Minimum charge of £49 applies.
  • Inside Window Cleaning - £4 per standard size double window. Minimum charge of £49 applies.

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  • "Your customer service is excellent. Thanks" - Nigel O'Neill
  • "The lady you sent around, Ginka, was absolutely lovely. She worked non-stop for 5.5 hours and did a brilliant job. I would definitely contact you again if needed." - Pier
  • "Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job at my house yesterday! The house is sparkling!" - Mrs. Jones
  • "The cleaning team was very diligent and worked to a good standard." - Patricia Clarke