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Window Cleaning
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Window Cleaning

Window cleaning may be an overwhelming challenge if you intend to perform it on your own. Living on high floor may present a problem as you won't be able to carry out an effective cleaning on the outside part of your windows – not only you risk your safety but the results may be unsatisfactory. Areas that are hard to reach and the fact that if the cleaning product is not chosen correctly you may end up with even filthier windows, usually are discouraging and taking up this procedure on your own seems aimless. However, this is not an excuse for keeping your windows streaky and dull – you block the sunlight and the overall interior of your home seems uninviting. Nice and Clean London has an easy solution for you – booking our professional window cleaning services in London and Greater London will save you time and efforts. Our team of professionals will deliver you high-class services and achieve precisely sound results at affordable rates!


Window Cleaning

  • £7.00 from the out side or at a rate of £10.00 from both - in and out side. Minimum charge of £49.00 applies.

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

Scratches and discoloration have overtaken your flooring? Our professional Hard floor polishing is the answer.

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