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Window Cleaning
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Window Cleaning

Our company has been operating in London and surrounding areas for 10 years. We have an extensive list of professional cleaning services for both domestic and commercial properties.
Now, let’s talk about your windows! Do you think they need proper overall sanitising? If yes, then we can help. No matter where you reside, our cleaners will do their best to meet your expectations.

Why should you choose Nice and Clean London?

Our service has several proven benefits – check them out:

  • Free, no-obligation quotes – they are done to assess the condition of your windows, choose a cleaning method, and give you the best individual offer;
  • Affordable prices – you will not pay more than the price which was first quoted. There is no deposit required;
  • Availability 7 days per week – you can get us on any day during the week;
  • Flexibility – we could totally comply with your busy schedule. The only condition is to do that during daytime, because sunlight is a must.
  • Professional tools and equipment – in order to achieve flawless results every time, we rely on high quality materials, tools, and equipment.

What are the main services we offer?

  • Water Fed Poles – that is one of the most popular window sanitising techniques. It is environmentally friendly as only pure filtered water is used. It will remove all the minerals, chemicals, and dirt on your glass. The best part is that there is no need of drying, because the pure water doesn’t leave any traces! 
  • Cradle Cleaning – if pulleys can be affixed on your high-rise building, cradle cleaning should be your preferred variant. 
  • Abseil Window Cleaning – in case there is no cradle access to your windows, then you should know that won’t stop our fully trained and skilled professionals from doing their job. They will complete their mission with the use of special safety harnesses and equipment. 
  • Cherry Pickers – that is the best alternative of cradles and water-fed poles. Our experts are able to reach heights up to 200 feet and still do a great job.
  • Internal Window Cleaning – the internal side of your windows must be as spotless as the outside. Our operatives use hand tools such as ladders and squeegees, which enable them to reach every spot.
  • Solar Panel Cleaning – last but not least, your solar panels need thorough disinfecting as well. That’s what keeps them operate at optimal energy efficiency. 

Keep your windows, sills, and frames sparking clean – give them a regular professional care! Give us a call at 020 3670 2141 or reach us at and book your free, no-obligation quote today!


Window Cleaning

  • £7.00 from the out side or at a rate of £10.00 from both - in and out side. Minimum charge of £49.00 applies.

* Our customers can take advantage of the Special offers once a month.

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